That's Life member Dimitris Makrygiannakis wins Fotoura ISPA
14th April 2014
CONGRATULATIONS to Dimitris Makrygiannakis, winner of Fotoura International Street Photography Awards 2014. View the results and the winning images here.

© Dimitris Makrygiannakis
Dimitris Makrygiannakis joins That's Life
06th March 2014
We are pleased to welcome Dimitris Makrygiannakis to That's Life. Of Greek origin, his love for photography began in 2010. His love affair with India started in 2012, over a 4 month stay in the country during which time he also matured enormously as a photographer. Dimitris, the 1st prize winner in the Invisible Photographer Asia street photography awards 2013, has a gifted eye and a very interesting way of seeing the world. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with him.

© Dimitris Makrygiannakis
Vinod Munna joins That's Life
06th February 2014
We are pleased to welcome Vinod Munna to the That's Life team. His portfolio impressed the team unanimously, and it is even more impressive considering he has been shooting street for under a year.

We look forward to his continuous contribution to That's Life going forward, and are excited to see the strong work he creates in the coming years.

Swapnil Jedhe joins That's Life
28th December 2013
We are pleased to welcome Swapnil Jedhe to the That's Life team. Swapnil has a powerful sense of composition and a keen eye for capturing decisive moments. We look forward to the graphical dimension he will bring to the collective.

Rajat Dey wins Runner Up prize in Fujifilm photo contest
17th July 2013
Congratulaions to Rajat Dey who was among the Grand Prize winners in the Fujifilm "Life of a Street" Photo Contest. You can view the details here.

Rajat Dey joins That's Life
28th June 2013
We are pleased to welcome Rajat Dey to the That's Life team. Rajat has a very unique and artistic vision and his addition to the team adds an interesting dimension to street photography coming out of India.

© Rajat Dey
Swarat Ghosh joins That's Life
17th April 2013
We are pleased to welcome the talented and passionate Swarat Ghosh to the That's Life team. Swarat has a keen eye for composition and detail and has created an impressive body of work in both colour as well as black and white. A truly hard working photographer, Swarat's enthusiasm and motivation to continuously create meaningful images will be a great asset to That's Life.

© Swarat Ghosh
Kaushal Parikh's "Bombay Bylines" exhibition in New Delhi
10th April 2013
After a successful fortnight in Mumbai, Bombay Bylines now moves to New Delhi

Kaushal Parikh featured in Radiate Magazine Issue 3
12th October 2012
Kaushal Parikh was featured in Issue 3 of Radiate Magazine, a high quality bi-annual street photography publication, highly recommended for all those interested in street photography. You can buy a hardcopy of the magazine or download the pdf here.

Krishnendu Saha is participating in the exhibition titled "Untitled"
30th August 2012
The field of Mathematics can be challenging yet fascinating. Being a teacher and student of Mathematics, Krishnendu brings similar riveting and challenging moments to his viewers through his monochrome images. Predominantly black and white and imbued with stories, Krishnendu’s images are treat to the eyes of viewers. In the exhibition ‘untitled’ though he intends to take you deep into his personal life, unseen before. While we all eagerly await to see those pictures in Birla Art Gallery from 28th, you can indulge yourself in his photographs at: and

That's Life member Arindam Thokder is a Street Photography Asia 2012 finalist
30th June 2012
That's Life member Arindam Thokder has been selected as one of the finalists in Invisible Photographer Asia's Street Photography Asia 2012 contest. You can view his entries here.

©Arindam Thokder
That's Life member Prashant Godbole featured in Better Photography magazine
14th June 2012
Better Photography, India's premier photography magazine, carried a feature on Prashant Godbole's unique style of photography. You can view the full article here.

Krishnendu Saha joins That's Life
25th May 2012
We are pleased to welcome Krishnendu Saha to That's Life. Krishnendu, based in Calcutta, is always on the lookout for unique moments unfolding on the streets and often captures them in interesting black and white images.

©Krishnendu Saha
Mark Carey interviewed by Eric Kim
08th March 2012
A very interesting Interview with Mark Carey from Indian Street Photography Collective “That’s Life”. Mark's images in Vietnam in addition to his fabulous work in India showcase his versatility as a street photographer. You can view the full interview here.

Prantik Mazumder featured in Radiate magazine
16th February 2012
Prantik Mazumder was recently featured in Radiate magazine, a street photography periodical published every six months. Radiate is an excellent magazine and a highly recommended read for all street photography lovers. You can purchase the magazine or download a free PDF hardcopy here

Amit Chakravarty joins That's Life
29th January 2012
We are pleased to welcome Amit Chakravarty to That's Life. Amit is a full-time photographer and when not on assignment, he spends his time capturing the beauty and uniqueness of life and events on the streets of India.

©Amit Chakravarty
Mark Carey joins That's Life
20th January 2012
We are pleased to welcome Mark Carey to That's Life. He is a London based wedding photographer and has an ongoing love affair with India. His style of imagery, which involves multiple layers, lends itself perfectly to the buzzing streets of this diverse country.

©Mark Carey
Prashant Godbole joins That's Life
20th January 2012
We are very pleased to welcome Prashant Godbole to That's Life. Prashant is a advertising executive with a tremendous passion for photography and his style is a unique blend of street of art. His black and white images are powerful and uncluttered and immediately strike a chord with the viewer.

©Prashant Godbole
Street Smart
15th January 2012
That's Life was written up in Mid Day, a popular Mumbai daily newspaper. You can see the full write up here.

That's Life featured on Nick Turpin's blog
30th December 2011
Nick Turpin, founder of iN-PUBLiC, posted a very positive write-up about That's Life on his blog.

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